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My name is Karen Bartley-DiBrango. I am a Certified Gluten-free Practitioner and Certified Holistic Health Coach. I have spent the past decade transforming my world (mind, body, spirit). With clean eating, Functional Nutrition and health education, nutraceuticals, meditation, physical activity, a gluten-free lifestyle, minimal animal products and lots of self-love I was able to overcome life-threatening inflammation, reverse my Fibromyalgia, and put my rare disease into remission.


At my absolute worst I was in such chronic pain I could not participate in many activities of daily life. As a wife and mom of three, I was more than motivated to turn my life around. I had always been what I felt was pretty health conscious. I taught water fitness and aerobics classes when in college. I did water therapy for seniors and pregnant mamas and I worked out six days a week! Little did I know a tiny little thing called GLUTEN was a big issue in my body. I had been really sick before, but told I didn't have Celiac Disease. I had gotten really itchy, wheezy and rashy before, but told I didn't have a wheat allergy. I knew enough after trial and error that I needed to avoid gluten. But guess what? That wasn't enough; I was still suffering from extreme fatigue, joint pain, tenderness and itching.

On my medical leave I went back to school, I was determined to solve my own medical mystery! Once I became a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach and a Certified Gluten-free Practitioner, I learned that gluten issues don't just have to occur in the gut. I found out that gluten can affect all of our body's systems and if left untreated, gluten issues can lead to autoimmune diseases! I set out on a deep dive to discover my body's relationship with gluten!

I utilized Vibrant Wellness Labs to test out my theory; my body doesn't like gluten, no matter what previous medical tests declared. The results of my WHEAT ZOOMER proved to me that even though I had been gluten-free for 10 years, I was still getting "glutened" (likely through medications, supplements, cross-contamination, personal-care products). I discovered that I also still suffered from leaky gut syndrome and leaky brain (think brain fog). I was amazed to find out this information as I had worked so hard to stay gluten-free. On the rare occasion I had ingested gluten, I suffered for a solid week with intense brain fog, fatigue, joint pain and tenderness. Notice I didn't mention anything gut related. Through diligent work with my specialists, my own personal detective work, getting educated on this precise issue, I am now repairing my system and feeling better than I have in a long time!

I work with clients wanting to take CONTROL of their health. We explore things like unexplained food sensitivities, brain fog, bloating, joint pain, gut health and the body's relationship/immune response to gluten. I guide them on a journey to discover the root cause of their symptoms. Through a total gut restoration plan, we work to restore gut integrity and elevate optimal health through a 100% Gluten-free Lifestyle - a true TRANSFORMATION - not a diet.

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