GLUTEN 911: Is Your Body On Fire?

What do all autoimmune diseases have in common?


Did you know consuming gluten may be at the root of your body's inflammation?

Autoimmune Disease, Autism, Crohn’s, Hashimoto’s, Lupus, Schizophrenia, Depression, Migraines, Neuropathy, Infertility, Myopathy and MANY other chronic health conditions have been linked to GLUTEN SENSITIVITY!

Find out why Gluten Sensitivity doesn't show up on standard blood tests and what to do

about it. A Certified Gluten-free Practitioner can help!

Health Coaching with a CGP:

  • Learn about Non-Celiac Disease Gluten Sensitivity.

  • Learn how avoiding gluten could actually lower your body's inflammation!

  • Guidance to lower inflammatory markers as well as repair leaky gut and leaky brain.

  • Discover methods for safely going gluten-free.

  • Find out how to stay gluten-free on-the-go.

  • Learn to cook delicious gluten-free recipes & revamp some of your favorites!

  • Unlock the keys to eating clean and healthy for your own bio-individuality.

  • Transition to a 100% Gluten-free Lifestyle with mindset support.

What you may gain from a personalized plan of action:

  • increased energy

  • reduced dependency on medication

  • reduced chronic inflammation

  • improved sleep

  • improved mood/relationships

  • improved overall gut health

  • sustainable healthy habits

  • weight loss/weight gain as needed

  • transformation to a 100% gluten-free lifestyle

  • KNOWLEDGE - it's power!

Inflammation out of control = chronic inflammation
Inflammation under control =
acute inflammation
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