Gluten-Freedom Health Coaching

30 day guided program with a Certified Gluten-free Practitioner

  • 6 hours
  • 450.00
  • US

Service Description

This program is designed specifically for those newly diagnosed with a Gluten-related Disorder and in need of strict guidance to 1) learn about their medical condition and its effects on the body/mind 2) learn about gluten and its effects on the body/mind 3) discover where gluten is hiding and how to prevent cross-contamination at home and away 4) guidance with advocating for gluten-free lifestyle 5) support with mindset and how to embrace gluten-free living 6) education on lowering inflammatory load 7) introduction to total gut-restoration 8) Functional Nutrition guidance to adopt a gluten-free diet in a safe, healthy manner 9) support with breaking gluten cravings 10) Guidance to make the gluten-free choice the safe and easy choice for good!

Contact Details

  • Florida, USA