Health Coach For You, LLC has partnered with Vibrant Wellness to bring you state-of-the-art lab testing. Working with a team of experts, we bring you timely results and we don't stop there. Our team collaborates with you and your physician upon request. We pride ourselves in providing you the best individual attention and care you deserve when it comes to interpreting your functional wellness test results and establishing a comprehensive plan to improve your health and wellness. We will accompany you on your journey towards understanding how your current lifestyle is impacting your health and how to transform your health in a safe and efficient manner through accountability coaching and education.

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Since educating clients and patients about the autoimmune effects of gluten is kind of our thing, Certified Gluten-free Practitioners highlight Vibrant Wellness Wheat Zoomer as a gold standard of gluten-related disorder testing. You may not have Celiac Disease, you may not be allergic to wheat, but you may still be suffering from the ill-effects of gluten. For Certified Gluten-free Practitioners, the Wheat Zoomer is our go-to lab for "the detection of wheat and gluten-related disorders, intestinal permeability, Celiac Disease and gluten-related autoimmunity". Having a gluten-related disorder and doing nothing about it is likely setting you up for chronic inflammation and potential autoimmune issues down the road. 

Wheat Zoomer Lab Testing

"The Wheat ZoomerTM aids in the specific recognition of antibodies to wheat peptides – including gluten and non-gluten components, along with antibodies that indicate the presence of intestinal permeability. It is also a highly sensitive peptide-based array designed to detect autoimmune reactions to gluten."

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