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There really is no comparison to the person I am with gluten and the person I am without gluten.

~ Marlee

Thank you for giving me my wife back! She no longer has severe mood swings and she is now a much happier person to be around. She's back to being the woman I fell in love with.

~ Marlee's husband

This beautiful workbook/journal is an excellent guide for those struggling to stay the course with their gluten-free lifestyle. Designed out of necessity for a client suffering from the neurochemical effects of gluten, causing her great anxiety, mood swings, and anger outbursts, it was a tool in her toolbox that helped her to identify her barriers to staying gluten-free. She also discovered it was her mindset and cravings that were driving her inability to stick to her gluten-free eating plan. By diligently following this workbook, coupled with proper nutrition and coaching support, she was able to break up with gluten for good!

Karen DiBrango has hit a homerun in building an easy, effective support system that helps ensure your success in transitioning to a gluten-free lifestyle... This journal is a remarkably valuable tool in helping to ensure your success in transitioning to a GFD and enhancing your Quality of Life.

~Dr. Tom O'Bryan, world-renowned expert on gluten and its impact on health.

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