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Karen has been an invaluable source of knowledge, caring, and support as I look for answers to why I have felt so poorly for far too long.  I read Dr. Tom O'Bryan's book, Autoimmune Fix, which led me to find Karen, a Certified Gluten-free Practitioner in my area. Karen's recommendation for blood testing by Vibrant Wellness and the subsequent Zoomer results have been a great start toward my next steps in this journey of trying to solve what's out of sync in this body. Armed with a better understanding of where I should be directing my efforts, how I should be changing my habits to heal a leaky gut and adapt to wheat sensitivities, I'm taking charge of my health, discovering what is out of balance and what to do to improve this one body I need to ensure lasts a few more decades!  Karen has a way of inducing calm, helping me to step back from the hectic day-to-day and re-focus on self-care and personal lifestyle choices geared for my particular situation. She's not one-size-fits-all. She has been amazingly supportive and responsive to any and all questions; above and beyond with a true desire to help improve my health and well-being. I'm sure she gives that special treatment to everyone she comes in contact with. Huge thanks to you, Karen!"

- Cheryl, Financial Advisor

Gluten-free is a tough diet for many (including me). Being able to cut to the chase and know what you're truly facing rather than guessing is key. Getting my Wheat Zoomer results were eye-opening. I have been suffering for years and told I wasn't a Celiac but I do have a wheat allergy. Seeing just how much damage the wheat and gluten was doing to my body was shocking! I knew I had to be 100% diligent about being gluten-free but it's not that easy. So many products on the market, but not all are good for me. A cookie is still a cookie after all! The will power I needed to break my gluten addiction was not something I was managing well. COACHING IS ESSENTIAL! People need guidance and someone to lean on throughout this journey. It isn't an easy process to go through alone. It's especially tough being the only one in my household gluten-free. Meal time and prep became a desperate need. Coach Karen was fantastic at providing me the tools to make certain I was not getting cross-contaminated with gluten in my own home. She helped me revamp family recipes, provided me with shopping and restaurant advice, and truly took the time to educate me on my body and what it was going through. Even just being there for me to vent to when I felt like an epic failure, she was always quick to respond to my questions and concerns. Karen is understanding, she's been through it. I think that truly helps her as a coach and a guide because she's been right where I am and she's always one step ahead of me and holding me accountable. I need that! If you have any issues with gluten, please give Coach Karen a call, you won't regret it! It's the best thing I ever did!!!"

- Reese - Domestic Goddess

The physicians I have worked with to date have simply provided me with test results and “don’t eat this or that” type recommendations, but nothing as specific and manageable as Karen has. Karen not only educated me on a whole new way of eating but also a whole new way of living!  I no longer suffer from depression or anxiety, I have not had a single UTI since I started following her advice, and I have so much energy that I no longer require the three cups of coffee I started my day with to simply function.  I only experience digestive challenges when I go off my plan. I started exercising more regularly, and to date have lost 18 pounds!  I feel as though I still have a long way to go, but what keeps me motivated is Karen’s frequent follow-up “just to see how I am doing.”  Thanks to Karen DiBrango, I got my life back! I would recommend Ms. DiBrango’s services to any individual who eats. She is extremely encouraging, empathetic, knowledgeable, and has an approachable personality." 

- Lori - Teacher

Karen is more than a health coach. I refer to her as my health therapist! I bring her my troubles and she helps me work through them in a healthy and productive way. When I first started working with Karen, though I knew I should stop smoking, I was adamant that I wanted to focus on achieving a healthy weight first. She provided advice and guidance, but she never backed down from what I saw as her largest challenge: to get me to change my mind and become a non-smoker.

Today, I am proud to report that I am officially a non-smoker! I have also lost nearly 20 pounds and I now have my husband and three boys on board with my lifestyle and healthy habits. They even help me out in the kitchen! Karen kept me so busy focusing on the healthy things in my life, such as clean eating and exercise, I don't know how I ever found time to smoke, to begin with!

I credit Karen for listening and offering sound, fact-based advice. She is caring and compassionate and, as necessary, she can be tough! I appreciate the fact that she does not give up and that she has not allowed me to give up on myself or my health either."

- Stephanie - Employment Law

I was recently told I have food allergies to gluten and dairy. After talking to the doctors and being informed that these allergies are the reason I have developed migraines, bloating, and bathroom issues they handed me an elimination diet and sent me on my way. Feeling completely overwhelmed and confused about where to begin, I decided to look for help so I can better understand my newfound dietary issues. That's when I decided to get a Health Coach. Karen asked me to send her my test results and she immediately started to work on how to help me. She covered a lot of information and delivered answers and ideas in concise chunks that were easy to understand. There was obviously a lot of thought and expertise into helping me design a menu, as well as a user-friendly grocery store shopping guide based on my physician recommendations. Karen consistently gave me the confidence to implement this new lifestyle and gave me the necessary tools I needed to help me succeed. I have only just started this program about a month ago, but I am feeling better, the migraines have stopped, the bloating is minimal, and the bathroom issue is back on track. Karen not only taught me how to eat healthier, but she also helped me understand my body and how to listen to it!"

- Teresa - Masters in Education

Karen DiBrango was one of the featured speakers at the 1st Virtual Stargazer Wellness Retreat. She is a kind, compassionate, and very knowledgeable Health Coach. Due to her own past health struggles, Karen has a unique understanding of the complexity of the mind, gut & body connection. She is determined to find what works for each individual. Karen understands the unique needs and healing journey for her various clients and strives to meet those needs. I would highly recommend Karen for anyone who is wanting to explore their own potential for wellness and overall physical health."

- Jan Marie Smith - Founder - Stargazer Wellness Retreats / TMS Support Group Leader, Colorado

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