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Updated: May 24, 2021

  • Have you been trying to go gluten-free but can't seem to quit gluten for good?

  • Do you know that gluten is highly inflammatory in your body and you want to cut it out for your health but have no idea how?

  • Have you been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, Gluten Sensitivity, Wheat Allergy or another gluten-related disorder and overwhelmed with how to change your diet and lifestyle to fully cut gluten out of your daily meals?

  • Are you making every effort to be gluten-free only to continually experience the side-effects of being glutened/cross-contaminated?

  • Do you find yourself sneaking a little bit of gluten and telling yourself "a little bit won't hurt me" but then you feel horrible emotionally (guilty for cheating) and physically (suffering gluten's wrath)?

  • Are you looking for a way to break up with gluten and really mean it?

You have come to the right place! As a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach also trained as a Certified Gluten-free Practitioner and a Functional Nutrition Educator, and most importantly... someone with a Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity who has been gluten-free for 13+ years... I have developed a program that will guide you through the break-up with gluten and set you up for success living a 100% gluten-free lifestyle. This is truly a lifestyle, not a diet. (Why would you do anything that starts with DIEt?!)

Transformation is the goal of my program and it could be the one thing you need (dare I say it IS the one thing you need) to:

  1. fully understand the impact of gluten in your body - your body's relationship with gluten and what it has to do with your health - Did you know it can impair your immune system as well as lead to food sensitivities?

  2. find out how gluten is impacting your brain and your mood - Did you know it can exacerbate anxiety?

  3. learn why you crave what you can't have - Did you know gluten can act like a drug in your brain's reward center making you want more?

  4. understand how you are likely cross-contaminating yourself in your own home - Did you know using a shared toaster for your gluten-free bread means your gluten-free bread is no longer gluten-free?

  5. discover how to store, prep, and cook food with minimal risk of cross-contamination - Did you know storing or baking gluten foods over gluten-free foods increases the risk of cross-contamination?

  6. learn how to create transformation through mind shift work and resetting your relationship with food - Did you know guilt over your condition can lead to cheating when you don't want to inconvenience friends or family with your food restrictions?

  7. follow the phases of food grief and process them appropriately so you deal with them head on rather than continuously get tripped up by them and stuck in the 'quit gluten, cheat, feel bad, quit gluten, cheat, feel bad cycle' - Did you know you might be angry, sad, frustrated with the fact that your body cannot handle gluten any longer and making this change may be upsetting, challenging, difficult for you and that's OKAY and it is expected and you can push through this... With the proper tools!

Stay tuned to this blog for tips and tricks, products and more information on the much awaited for 30 DAYS TO GLUTEN-FREEDOM - A holistic lifestyle journal

to support you during your break-up with gluten!


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