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"I started seeing Coach Karen a little more than a month ago when my physician referred me to her after a Celiac Disease diagnosis left me overwhelmed and unsure of how to not eat the way I have been eating for decades. When we first met, I was very emotional and physically very ill from eating gluten. I have learned so much about being gluten-free for my health. I have learned (still learning) to be patient with myself, to be dedicated to my health, to exhibit self-control, and above all, I am learning how to live a 100% gluten-free lifestyle and with Coach Karen's help. She is guiding me to understand how to make the gluten-free choice the healthy choice and the easy choice.

This hasn’t been an easy journey. Most days I would get overwhelmed just shopping for 'the right foods' and trying to make a meal. Many times I would just cry. I wanted to give up. There were days that I would feel horrible - upset stomach, pain and lack of sleep, from eating just the smallest amount of gluten. With Coach Karen's guidance, I finally realized the connection with eating gluten and the way it made me feel physically and emotionally. I learned what gluten was doing to my body. I knew I had to take charge of this situation and have more self-control. With Coach Karen by my side and her workbook, 30 Days to Gluten-Freedom, I am learning to break up with gluten for good! I am putting into practice the kitchen tips for food storage and safety so I am less likely to cross-contaminate myself in my own home. I am learning where to look for hidden gluten and I am feeling more confident in my meal planning. I am flexing my muscles when it comes to cooking and I am enjoying creating gluten-free meals for my family. The best part, I am learning to advocate for myself and my dietary needs without guilt!

It has only been a week since I have fully avoided gluten, but I am seeing such great results with my health - less migraines, less anxiety. My depression and brain fog have minimized. It’s nice to start feeling normal and like myself again.

I still have so much more to learn, but it will all be worth it so I can live a healthier life without fearing what gluten will do to my body. Coach Karen is such an awesome teacher. I applaud her patience and knowledge with helping me through this journey. I highly recommend her coaching services and I also recommend you read her book!"

Thank you Coach Karen!!

Forever Thankful,



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